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A Complete Solution to Quickly Engage a Company in Sustainability

Sustrana’s core tools focus on making the most of daily activities to deliver real financial value. Projects are mapped to goals and measured with key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing sustainability professionals to drive success that management wants and appreciates.

Drive further engagement and motivate teams for better accountability by connecting projects to organizational goals to make the work meaningful.

  • Set specific sustainability goals and track progress with insightful dashboards
  • Organize sustainability goals under pillars and align goals and projects with strategic business objectives
  • Garner leadership and team buy-in by showing big-picture progress, savvy resource allocation, and high-value new opportunities

Plan, collaborate, track, and report on projects with interactive online action plans that enhance visibility into all sustainability work.

  • Save hundreds of hours of research using Sustrana’s database of best practice project ideas and powerful ESG category filters to easily find everything from quick wins to policy templates.
  • Use project visibility and crowdsourcing features to cross-pollinate, share resources, and spur innovation across the organization.
  • Connect project work to sustainability and business goals to create company-wide engagement, enthusiasm, and accountability.

Manage your KPI’s for sustainability, whether tracking progress toward goals, measuring project results, or preparing for sustainability reporting.

  • Find the right KPIs in an innovative and robust database or create your own.
  • Aggregate data collection in one place for better insight and visibility.
  • Use simple visuals and easy-to-customize data collection options to quickly mesaure, analyze, and create a variety of reports on company-wide efforts.

Beyond Goals, Projects & KPIs: Tools Ready When You Need Them


Periodically engage key stakeholders to prioritize ESG issues based on creating financial value for your organization. Bring the critical issues into focus by assessing them using relevant business criteria, including risk mitigation, efficiency and cost savings, innovation and revenue growth, and strategic goal alignment. With flexibility to add custom criteria and weighting, the outcomes and insights from this tool will surely inform short- and long-term business success.


For deeper understanding of the best practice process for modern sustainability management, the Sustrana platform provides management education that defines the optimal path to success for your core team. It is a rational and sophisticated business process for embedding sustainability thinking in a company, offering higher-level insights and an overview of how to achieve strategic efforts that effectively replace traditional reactive company cultures.


Follow a step-by-step process to create your organization’s sustainability strategy. In this helpful workspace, you can document the mission, rationale, and goals and plan for your unique program in a logical framework to help others understand your vision. View examples of ideal programs and leverage your content from Sustrana’s workspaces to support your proposed strategy. You can also build sub-strategy roadmaps by business line, function, or group.


Make use of a uniform framework and guidance for benchmarking your sustainability profile against competitors, customers, or strategic partners. Use the visual outputs to demonstrate risks and opportunities associated with your competitive landscape to make the case for sustainability as a key business differentiator.


Facilitate proper governance of the core elements of your sustainability strategy with right-size policies. Sustrana offers a wide range of editable, research-based templates with a range of commitment levels and complexity. Our templates are flexible and include education to facilitate immediate and deep understanding of options so you can quickly and seamlessly create policy documents to best suit your organization.


Articulate the value of sustainability and obtain buy-in with a refined, research-based library of data, statistics, and visuals that will save hours of research and meeting preparation. Craft a compelling business case presentation for leadership or to engage the workforce with hundreds of ready-to-use, expertly organized PowerPoint slides to choose from.


Sustrana offers unlimited access to curated, robust sustainability education, structured to provide users with a solid understanding of current sustainability topics and related issues. With fundamental and deep-dive content levels to suit individual needs and interests, this feature is also dynamically connected to Sustrana tools to support your work and improve engagement.