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Sustrana’s consultants have deep expertise in helping managers and teams embed sustainability into a business culture.  We coach professionals on how to deliver bottom line benefits and create lasting value for their company. Whether you need buy-in from your leadership team, goals to focus your efforts, or ways to keep people accountable, we will partner with you on the Sustrana platform to achieve your vision.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

  • Assess significant issues and set SMART goals
  • Identify the right KPIs and set up effective measurement plans
  • Create detailed plans of action to deliver on goal promises
  • Introduce role-based engagement tactics for peers or leadership
  • Aid in project research and management, business case development, and presentation prep
  • Provide reporting and website strategy development
  • Guide the use of software tools for specific needs
  • Support information transfer from internal documents to the platform
Consulting Packages For Sustrana Subscribers

Consulting Packages For Sustrana Subscribers

90-Day Strategy Development Workshop Series

This 90-day coaching package will help you prioritize issues and develop an effective, focused sustainability strategy with SMART goals. You will experience a supportive, collaborative, capacity-building approach to strategy development while using tools together with Sustrana consultants.

Workshop 1: Issue Evaluation
Workshop 2: Issue Prioritization & Goal Setting
Workshop 3: Strategy Development

90-Day Strategy Development Workshop Series

Once you are clear on your priority sustainability issues and goals, finding projects and planning a course of action is critical to success. This 90-day coaching package is designed to help companies build a detailed action plan. This workshop can also be done prior to strategy development as a traction initiation process for finding and planning a set of quick wins.

Workshop 1: Identifying Projects
Workshop 2: Prioritizing Projects
Workshop 3: Project Planning

Issue Assessment Workshop

This is a two-hour coaching session for evaluating up to ten sustainability issues of your choice. It is a great way to begin narrowing a list of relevant sustainability issues down to those that harbor significant financial risks or opportunities. It can also be used to delve into a category of issues more deeply or focus on a division or location.

Policy Development Workshop

This is a half-day coaching session to support the development of simple to complex sustainability policies, such as environmental, human rights, or sustainable procurement policies. This process focuses on identifying the right intent, scope, and commitments and also extends to responsibilities and oversight.

BEAT Benchmarking

Don’t have time to do your own benchmarking? Let us handle it for you. This package will deliver beautiful visual comparisons with an overview of key insights on your competitors, B2B customers, or strategic partners.

Sustainability Management Onboarding Sessions

Has your team changed or expanded? This virtual or on-site onboarding session for up to five people will get everyone up to speed on sustainability management and the ins and outs of using the Sustrana software in just one and a half hours.