How to Celebrate Earth Day 2018

April is Earth Month and April 22nd is Earth Day 2018: End Plastic Pollution. Have you made plans to take notice of your social responsibility this month or participate in Earth Day activities? This year, more than one billion people will be celebrating the 48th anniversary of a global event said to have kicked off the modern environmental movement, with 2018’s theme bringing awareness to the current and future dangers of plastic pollution. Finding time to give back to the environment through Earth Day not only impacts the environment, but also helps individuals reconnect with nature and business teams better connect with each other.

Why Sustainability Management Software Is Critical to Program Success

The sustainability expertise and education provided by a consultant is critical to building a results-driven sustainability program. But what about managing it for the long-term? Sustainability management software will accelerate any company’s ability to build sustainability into its corporate culture and significantly boost the value of its consulting dollars and success of its long-term sustainability initiatives.    

How Sustainability Consulting Identifies Your Most Valuable ESG Issues

Knowledge is the foundation of sustainability programs that drive business value and cultivate an ethical corporate culture. Bolstering your sustainability program with strategic consulting ensures that the individuals tasked with running your program not only evolve their understanding of sustainability management and strategy, but also fill institutional capability gaps along the way.

Board Oversight, Outperformance, and The Sustainability Disconnect

Good sustainability management—using sustainability best practices to identify and manage significant environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues—is a means for outperformance. Managing the right ESG issues well can lead to reduced risk, increased efficiency, and revenue growth. So how can more companies approach sustainability in a way that guarantees competitive success, and what holds most back from achieving it?

Why Values Matter: The Common Ground of Creating Enduring Companies

Organizational values and ethics have been on the sustainability list of issues in our software from the start, but they are often glossed over by sustainability teams. Many sustainability managers feel they are too amorphous or soft.  Others feel they don’t have the authority to address them. Yet, to have a serious, long term impact on the company as a sustainability leader, culture change is almost always needed. 

TCFD Update: Growing but Mixed Support for Climate-Related Reporting

The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) released official guidelines in June 2017, and has since seen rapid growth in public support. An official press release from the TCFD in December 2017 highlights the growing support for the task force from the investment and business communities. But some institutional investors have mixed results when it comes to pressuring companies to report on climate change effects.

Inspire & Empower:  Why It’s Better When More People Have a Seat at the Table

Every day, sustainability professionals face challenges working to reduce and eliminate a company’s negative impacts and enhance its positive contributions. All this is done while remaining mindful of the need to maintain financial stability and prosper over the long-term. Much of this work involves the heavy lifting of generating and managing long-term behavior change. And that’s where a culture that inspires and empowers is a powerful asset.

Why Businesses Need Sustainability Management Software:  Reflections of our Founders

The pace at Sustrana is fast.  At a start-up, every second counts. But what better time than when a year comes to a close to reflect about your journey? Co-founders, Nancy Cleveland and Jennifer Anderson are deeply committed to ensuring the company’s positive impact on the world.  Nancy and Jen sat down to talk about their journey and vision for the future. We hope these reflections about a more sustainable future for all will inspire you during this holiday season.

The Power of Positives: Creating a Community for Impact

Look around any organization and chances are you will find at least one person whose positive energy has a contagious effect on others. For Sustrana, creating positives means a commitment to discovering and promoting factors that allow individuals and organizations to thrive. Now more than ever, we must employ and deploy the power of positivity.

Expectations Rising for Government and Industry Protection of Consumers and Environment

According to G&S Business Communication’s 2017 Sense & Sustainability Study , U.S. citizens are placing greater responsibility on government, businesses, and themselves to serve as environmental and social stewards. Here are the key findings.

Listening Deeply: How to be a Better Sustainability Professional, Sales Person, and Parent

Listening deeply was the first core value that bubbled to the surface as Sustrana began to define who “We” are and how we interact with our clients and partners. It’s integral to sustainability and good parenting, too. To survive in this world, we must become better listeners and communicators.