Helping sustainability leaders and their committees succeed

Sustrana's sustainability management platform gives sustainability committees a roadmap to build and manage sustainability programs.

The genesis of a sustainability committee

The story usually goes something like this: a company gets a sustainability questionnaire from a customer. The sales or marketing department will answer it. Then, the next year, a few more requests come in...and then a few more. At a certain point, the company decides that responses, and action, need to be better coordinated. Their first step is often to create a Green Team or Sustainability Committee to figure it out.

So, what do we do now?

Forming a committee is a great start, but how does the committee, or its leader, know what to do? Sustainability is a broad and complex topic. Hundreds of books, conferences, and publications offer advice. There are a myriad of areas that could be addressed and hundreds of projects that could be tackled. There is no way you can learn everything or do them all.

Your stakeholders have priorities and opinions, but are they the right priorities for you? How will you get buy in and engagement internally? How do you find the best projects that will have an impact?  These are just some of the many questions sustainability committees are grappling with.      

Sustrana helps committees learn, plan, and execute

Sustrana provides committees with sustainability education and a process to follow for building a successful sustainability plan and program.   We utilize a "get results while planning" approach that takes companies down parallel pathways of planning and doing. This means you can have a short term impact while building a strategic foundation.  And, we understand that sustainability is not any committee member's main job.  We help you to prioritize work given inevitable time and resource constraints.