Point Person Consulting Services

When you need help managing your sustainability program.


Sometimes you'd rather learn from a human being!

Many companies prefer to build internal sustainability capacity with an expert at the helm.  Sustrana online originated as a way for us to help our traditional consulting clients build internal capacity so they can get rid of those training wheels and go it alone.

As the saying goes, it's better to teach someone to fish than to give them fish. That's what Sustrana's point-person services are all about. 

How a point person can help:

  • Team management and engagement
  • Committee meeting leadership and documentation
  • Guided use of tools
  • Customized education 
  • Project research and management
  • Project business case development
  • Document and presentation preparations
  • Product and services sourcing
  • Sustainability management training
  • Reporting and website content development
  • Strategy and innovation guidance

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