Creating educational institutions that inspire leadership in sustainability

Sustrana helps colleges and universities walk the talk and talk the walk.

Your Future Leaders Will Change the World

Institutions of higher education are prime candidates for sustainability leadership. They have a unique opportunity to demonstrate to the world what can be accomplished beyond what is currently imagined. And, we rely upon them to arm tomorrow’s workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate an increasingly challenging world.


Taking Higher Education to the Next Level        

Sustrana helps higher education institutions build effective sustainability programs that educate and inspire students and communities.

Key Benefits for Higher Education

Build a business case that will win the support of senior administrators. Plan your strategic sustainability program and develop a program that is aligned with your institution’s strategic goals and values. Implement the program by selecting projects that advance your goals while also providing unique opportunities to engage and educate students.  Use the Sustrana platform to provide both hands-on, learn while doing experiences for your students.


Benchmarking with HEAT

When you need to get buy-in to move forward with sustainability, a picture is worth 1,000 words.  We use HEAT - the Higher Education Assessment Tool - to create a graphic that shows how your sustainability program compares to peers, competitors, and institutions with whom you aspire to compete. Or, you can do your own HEAT analysis and use HEAT as a tool to educate about sustainability in higher education.  

Learn more about HEAT.


Embedding Sustainability Into the Curriculum

A critical and differentiating aspect of our partnerships with colleges and universities is our focus on embedding sustainability into the curriculum. We see your graduates as your “final product." We work with you to stimulate their thinking and prepare them to lead in tomorrow’s world. We provide a variety of services to support development of sustainability-focused curriculum, including:       

  • Analysis of current curriculum to identify sustainability elements in course offerings
  • Sustainability program and course development
  • Integrative approaches to embedding sustainability across the curriculum
  • Faculty development for integration of sustainability in the curriculum


Campus Sustainability Assessment

Colleges and universities often have unique challenges related to the built environment, including historically certified or aging facilities. Many of these buildings are energy-inefficient and costly to operate. Sustrana’s experience and expertise in LEED equips us to help assess gaps and identify key opportunities in building and campus operations. We overlay this with our knowledge and experience in student sustainability engagement to achieve the best results.


Student and Community Engagement

Students are a critical success factor for higher education institution sustainability programs. Sustrana helps colleges and universities to understand the sustainability knowledge level, beliefs, and values of their students. This work will uncover ways to more deeply engage and energize students in sustainability initiatives. Sustrana also provides programmatic guidance for creating partnerships with the local community that provide opportunities for student-community connections.

Our capabilities include:

  • Sustainability Literacy Assessment development and delivery (awareness, attitudes, and actions)
  • Community engagement and partnerships for enhanced sustainability initiatives
  • High Impact (NSSE) practice identification for student engagement
  • Opportunities identification for student and community engagement


Sustainability Reporting Assistance & Support

The completion of sustainability reporting and ratings applications can be challenging for organizations across all sectors. Sustrana provides assistance for colleges and universities developing submissions and helps to streamline the reporting, certification and/or rating process under a variety of systems. Reporting and verification services include:

Reporting Support


Princeton Review

Sierra Club Cool Schools


STARS "Report Check" Services

Objective expert review of STARS report prior to filing; assurance that the report is complete and meets the Technical Manual requirements

STARS Desktop Verification

Expert assessment of information collection systems and data quality for STARS reports to verify report accuracy and scoring 

Financing & Investment

Due to the scale of campuses and age of buildings, colleges and universities are often challenged by the realities of urgently needed, but capital-intensive, campus improvements. We help identify and develop innovative approaches to financing or funding sustainability-focused projects through the various mechanisms such as:        

  • Green Revolving Funds
  • State energy efficiency grant and loan programs, including state-issued PACE bonds
  • Performance contracting strategies        



"Sustrana helped us to focus on the most effective strategies and opportunities to increase and integrate sustainability in our curriculum, and to engage our students to ignite a culture of sustainability across the university."

Keith Woodward, Associate Vice President of Facilities Operations, and Terri Johnson,  Associate Vice President of Operations

Quinnipiac University

Higher Ed Customer Using Sustrana Online:

Canadian University - Sustainability MBA Program

Students in the Fall 2016 MBA sustainability concentration at a major Canadian university will have access to Sustrana education and tools for a learn-while-doing experience. They'll use sustainability as a management strategy for reducing risks, identifying opportunities, and engaging stakeholders.  The University program director will use the platform in a year-long class to facilitate hands-on, collaborative project-based work. Students will gain classroom experience working on the Sustrana platform. They'll be able to take that experience into live consulting on the platform with a local company as a capstone project.


See what Report Check can do for your STARS Report!

Sustrana STARS Report Check Brochure

“We really appreciate how thorough and exacting the review was. The process of working with Sustrana even shed light on improvements we could make and new practices to aspire to in order to reach a variety of our sustainability goals.”

Dave Newport, LEED AP, Director
Environmental Center
University of Colorado Boulder


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