Helping You Help Your Suppliers

Sustrana's sustainability management platform gives suppliers the tools they need to build and manage strategic sustainability programs.

As procurement managers, you need to understand and manage risks in your supply chain. A growing number of these are sustainability risks. Your first step is to understand how your suppliers are assessing and managing their own risks. But, then what? How do you help them to get where they need to be without spending hours providing guidance and consultation?

Sustrana provides a sustainability management process, education, and tools for SMEs at an affordable price.

SME's cannot afford to spend a lot on consulting or software. They are also time constrained. This leads to reactive, short term thinking and reactive approaches when it comes to managing supplier requests about sustainability. Short term thinking won't deliver the benefits or results that either customers or suppliers want. The Sustrana platform is designed to solve this problem. By using Sustrana, your suppliers can realize value from sustainability and deliver substance in their reports to you without breaking the bank.

Learn More About the Sustrana Platform

Supply chain managers: Tell us what you need!

As we build and expand the Sustrana platform, we are very interested in input and feedback from procurement managers working on building sustainable supply chains. You can influence which modules are built next and tell us which tools and education you think are needed.

If you are interested in learning more and/or providing feedback,  contact us or call  us at 844.860.8071.