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Why do I need sustainability policies?

Policies are what enable you to institutionalize sustainability best practices.  At a minimum, policies will: 

  • Chart the course, set expectations, and establish norms for your organization
  • Establish clear commitments at the highest levels of your organization and for stakeholders
  • Provide a standard for measuring and improving performance

How do I get started? 

Depending on the policy type, the amount of work to create a policy can vary. Operational policies, such as a recycling or green cleaning policy, tend to be simpler and more straightforward. Two operational policy samples from our online platform are provided here for you to download and try.

Management policies, such as an environmental or human rights policy, are more complex and often need significant organizational input. To build a management policy, check out the short video of our online policy builder tool. It provides a research-based best practices template for collaborative development of right size, actionable sustainability policies. 


Interested in seeing more? 

Sample Policies


More About the Sample Policy Downloads


Buy Local Policy

Establish a policy that provides purchasing criteria for buying locally produced goods and services over those produced at a distance. 


  1. Supports independently-owned businesses and the local economy
  2. Increases market demand for locally–produced goods and services
  3. Reduces environmental impacts from transporting goods over long distances

Sustainable Business Travel Policy

Establish a business travel policy to focus and steer the organization to more sustainable travel practices and reduce the organization's carbon footprint.


  1. Supports efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Focuses and engages the workforce on sustainability efforts
  3. Responsibly reduces travel expenses