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Let us help you jump start your sustainability journey - affordably.

Experience and business savvy

Sustrana consultants have many years of experience helping companies of all sizes build effective sustainability programs.

We know you have a business to run. Our job is to help you run it better.  Let us show you the bottom line benefits of sustainability and how sustainability can create long-lasting value for your company.  

We are passionate about finding the best way to bring sustainability to life for your business. 

We are relentless in helping you succeed.

Whether you want full consulting services or just need a point person and help from time to time, we'll work with you.


 "[Sustrana] has been working with us on sustainability planning and management since 2011. Their expert guidance and support across a wide range of sustainability projects has been invaluable. They have provided high quality work product in education, engagement, and reporting. 

I have worked with many consultants in my career and they are “the gold standard” for quality, practicality, and responsiveness. I would recommend their services highly to any company that is grappling with how to develop or manage a sustainability program."

-- SVP of a Corporate Social Responsibility

Fortune 250 Financial Services Company


We have bundled our most popular consulting services into affordable packages.  

Let us help you build your sustainability program.


Sustainability Benchmarking - DIY or Full Support:  

Create a powerful picture of how you stack up against others on sustainability!  With the DIY package, you will have full and unlimited access to our benchmarking application, BEAT.  You also get 3 hours of consulting support where we’ll provide results analysis and communication guidance.  You’ll come away with a powerful tool for getting buy in within your organization!

Want to know how you stack up relative to others but don’t have time to do benchmarking analysis yourself? We can do it for you. Our full benchmarking package includes education for your team and a benchmarking analysis of up to 15 of your competitors, customers, partners, or investor organizations.  We will also provide a personal walk through of results and guidance on communication.  


Business Case Presentation: 

Getting buy in is critical to sustainability success.  A well-crafted business case is an essential tool for getting that buy in.  You understand your business, organizational culture, risks and opportunities.  We understand sustainability. Leverage our years of experience to get a business case presentation that will open the doors you need to get the job done.


Quick Win Project Identification:  

“Quick Win” projects are a great way to get the ball rolling for newer sustainability initiatives.  Finding the right ones is not always easy.  We help you find great low or no cost starter projects that will engage and inspire. Our Quick Win tool will help you identify what you have already done and all the projects that you might want to do next.  We will then work with you to prioritize up to fifteen of those potential projects.  The end product?  A list of sustainability projects you’ve completed and a list of the best projects to work on over the next 1-2 years to ensure continued progress.  


Build Your Sustainability Strategy:

Identifying your organization's environmental, social, and economic impacts and risks is the first step towards a sustainability strategy.   We provide you with an assessment tool and help you see how your activities intersect with key sustainability issues.  Our online tool then facilitates a high-level materiality assessment to prioritize organizational sustainability issues. From there, you can set goals and find the right projects to manage your risks and improve you impacts.

Get baseline data on 3 prioritized sustainability issues, then set goals, identify project opportunities, and create a plan and budget for your top 3 sustainability issues. You will soon be steps closer to a more strategic focus on sustainability!


Policy Build:  

Organizational policies are the cornerstones of institutionalizing sustainability.  Sustainability topics span a wide range of environmental, social, and governance issues.  Often times, your customers want to see that you have certain policies in place.  We help you to arrive at a policy that is right for your level of commitment, conforms to your existing systems, and is straightforward to implement.  


CDP Climate Change or Supply Chain Response:  

Need to respond to a CDP climate change or supply chain request?  You provide the data, we write the CDP response that will get you the highest CDP score possible.  Includes a scoring estimate. GHG inventory calculation services are provided separately (see below).  


Greenhouse Gas Inventory (Carbon Footprint):

Increasingly companies need to report on carbon (greenhouse gas) emissions to customers.  This package includes calculating the carbon footprint for Scopes 1&2 in accordance with the GHG Protocol standard. You collect the required data using our streamlined data collection templates; we’ll calculate your carbon footprint.  You will have direct access to the technology we use and will come away with a full report and analysis. Additional staff training is also available.


Customer Information Request:

Large companies are increasingly asking their suppliers to report on sustainability practices.  Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what they want and the best way to respond. We educate your team and help you to gather the information needed to craft a strong, authentic response.

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