Combine Sustainability Software with Trained Talent

Accelerate your sustainability program

Sustrana and Inspiring Capital offer a leading innovation – sustainability management software and affordable, trained professionals. Companies are now able to combine Sustrana’s unique SaaS software with Inspiring Capital’s top-level talent to fast track their sustainability programs.

We know many companies are motivated to embrace sustainability practices, but lack the time, knowledge, and resources to commit to a comprehensive sustainability management program. That’s why we are offering a complete solution to assess issues, engage your organization, and get results. 

Pair a one year subscription to Sustrana’s online sustainability management software with Inspiring Capital’s fully trained professionals. They are the perfect resource to help set up your sustainability program, prioritize and implement projects, and quickly get the most out of Sustrana's software.

 In just 12 months, your company can build a rock solid foundation and achieve concrete results, such as a benchmarking assessment, a waste audit, green team training, and more. 

Are you ready for a powerful, complete solution to assess sustainability-related issues, engage your organization in solving them, and get bottom line results?

About us: 

Sustrana is a software company that provides sustainability management solutions, including an online software system that enables companies to build highly effective sustainability programs in less time for less money.

Inspiring Capital uses a proprietary training and consulting model to provide top talent to social impact partners in project-based externships, allowing mission-driven organizations to achieve high-impact projects affordably and efficiently.