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Planning for Perpetuity:  Embedding Sustainability
International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association
Nashville, Tennessee

Among cemeteries and funeral homes in the US today, sustainability practices are most often represented by individual efforts such as green burial, alkaline hydrolysis, and sourcing of sustainable caskets and urns. This session will engage attendees in a case study of the development of a comprehensive, strategic and long-term sustainability plan for Laurel Hill Group. The organization’s plan development process covered all aspects of Laurel Hill’s operations, service delivery, and communications. The session will cover the process the organization embarked upon to arrive at strategic priorities and then to turn those priorities into measurable projects in a plan to create long term value. Projects discussed will include Energy & Waste, Land Conservation, Employee Wellness & Engagement, Customer Experience & Safety and Communication.

Jennifer Anderson  

C. David Jr.  
Laurel Hill Group

G. Merendino
Merendino Cemetery Care

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