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Net Impact 2016

Career Paths Across Sustainability and CSR Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer Anderson, Presenter

In this networking salon, speakers with distinct roles across CSR and sustainability will lead round table discussions about their career paths and current roles. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about their role and impact, and build connections for the future.

Squad Goals: The Good, Bad, and Realistic of Building Sustainability Teams

Jennifer Anderson, Presenter Kim Quick, Presenter

Your organization’s sustainability strategy is only as good as the team that develops it. What does an effective team look like, and how do you go about building one? This interactive workshop will dive into the theory and practice of building sustainability teams, with a focus on how a diverse, cross-functional team can build a culture of sustainability within an organization. In this interactive workshop, you will learn the theory behind what makes a successful team, and then in a group, you’ll build your ideal team, complete with individuals and/or roles to recruit, as well as ideas for how to get them on board and keep them engaged. You will walk away ready to overcome common challenges inherent in bringing—and keeping—teams together and be inspired to start or improve a sustainability team at your company. Geared Towards Professionals