Celebrate a Day Without Waste in 3 Easy Steps

Engage employees and have some fun!

Could you and your colleagues go a day without producing any trash? Have fun working together towards a common goal with this easy sustainability project: A Day Without Waste.  It's a perfect way to celebrate Earth Month. 

Astoundingly, each of us in the U.S. produces almost 4.5 lbs. of waste every day and less than half of that is recycled or composted. That's a lot of garbage!

A Day Without Waste encourages us to be more aware of daily habits, applying some mindfulness and creativity to the choices we make each day.

Set up A Day Without Waste in three easy steps:

1.     Send out an email explaining what you want people to do

2.     Provide tips and a pledge form

3.     Collect results and share them

That's it!

Our downloads will get you going.  The sample email has examples for a social media campaign to build excitement about a #ADayWithoutWaste.  Download tips and a pledge form to help your company reduce its waste for the day.  

Looking for inspiration for your big #ADayWithoutWaste?  We've documented Sustrana's annual waste-free day on our blog. Learn first-hand from our employees how changing awareness about waste can be a big step toward changing the world!  

Explore the blogs:  2015   2016   2017   

Let us know how it went!  We’ll be sharing stories on our blog and in social media! 


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