Take Action: Host a Day Without Waste in Your Organization

Can you and your colleagues go a day without producing any trash? Whether in celebration of Earth Day or as a regular or ongoing corporate environmental sustainability initiative, a Day Without Waste is a simple, yet impactful way, to engage your colleagues around a common goal.

Astoundingly, each of us in the U.S. produces almost 4.5 lbs. of waste every day and less than half of that is recycled or composted. That's a lot of garbage, and there are small changes people can make to their daily habits to reduce that number significantly. By hosting an initiative around reducing waste, you will raise awareness for how much waste Americans produce on a daily basis, as well as teach your team new habits and ways to be mindful and creative about the choices they make each day.

To host a Day Without Waste in your organization, start with these three easy steps. And, to just jumpstart your event, download our ready-to-use templates for your convenience.

  1. Send an email to your organization explaining what you want people to do and why
  2. Provide tips and pledge form to provide education and formalize the event
  3. Collect results from the day and share them in internal and external communications

To raise even more awareness for the initiative outside of your company, use the hashtag #ADayWithoutWaste on your social media channels when posting pictures or announcements about the event. Our email template provides sample tweets that your company can customize and publish.

Looking for inspiration or feedback on a Day Without Waste? Sustrana hosts this event annually and has published a handful of blogs on our waste-free days. Read our blog for first-hand experiences on how a Day Without Waste can make a positive impact inside and outside of your organization, and act as a catalyst for other environmental sustainability initiatives.

Once your event is complete, let our team know how it went . We will help your organization gain exposure by sharing your stories on our blog and social media channels.

Source: Human Footprint: Where Does All the Stuff Go? - National Geographic

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