What do our employees and interns love about Sustrana?

Sparked my goal of turning knowledge into action

I am glad to have had the experience learning and discussing the UN Sustainable Development Goals during my internship with Sustrana. The brainstorming sessions were particularly valuable and I find myself thinking about them and applying them to my coursework. Being part of a team that believes business is an essential part of the solution to global climate change has influenced the way I view global challenges like globalization and human security. My research project at Sustrana on sustainability in the fashion industry helped sparked my academic and professional goal of turning knowledge into action. 

Marina Morton
Dickinson College, Class of 2018
Economics and Environmental Studies

My input was truly valued

"My internship at Sustrana was of incredible educational value. I was treated like a professional from day one, and Jennifer and Nancy provided clear direction for impactful projects that really mattered to the company. I could tell my input was truly valued, and it felt great to contribute to a meaningful cause. I encourage future interns to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from such a poised and supportive leadership team."

John Pratt
Fox School of Business, Temple University
2016 MBA Candidate


I was able to contribute in a meaningful way

"With an emphasis on sustainability and work/life balance, Sustrana is a wonderful company to develop your business and critical thinking skills. During my time as an intern I was able to contribute in a meaningful way to the company's ongoing projects. In addition, senior management took the time and effort to develop my professional skills and have continuous workflow meetings to provide feedback. For any individual looking for an internship or full time opportunity, I highly recommend applying to Sustrana."

Jessica May Vickers
University of Pennsylvania
Masters in Environmental Studies



I became part of an engaging and engaged team

"I became part of an engaging and engaged team of sustainability professionals who follow a compelling lodestar: guiding companies in their efforts to incorporate sustainability principles into every aspect of their business.  I felt my contributions were valued by the team, and the educational opportunities were tremendous.  I learned more in six months than I've ever learned in the classroom - practical, real world applications and methods that I now have in my own toolbox.  I am grateful to both Jennifer and Nancy for the dual opportunity to learn and contribute at Sustrana."

Adrienne Moss
University of Pennsylvania
Masters in Environmental Studies


Invaluable in helping me determine my career path

“Interning for [Sustrana] has allowed me to more fully grasp the role of sustainability in business. Sustainability is much more than ‘going green;’ it is completely equipping your business for future success and longevity. This perspective and the background I have gained in sustainability concepts has been invaluable in helping me determine my intended career path and has changed the way I look at the world.”

Katie Schaad
Villanova University, Class of 2014
Business Administration


I truly felt fortunate to have mentors

“Working at Sustrana taught me quite a lot about Sustainability and Product development which I believed I would not have learned in a classroom. It’s been fulfilling to work on [the technology platform] and contributing to a product that will help SME’s understand and plan for sustainability in a better way.  I truly felt fortunate to have Nancy, Jennifer and Linda as my mentors as they not only helped me with my deliverables, but also guided me to achieve my career goals and understood my strengths and weaknesses.  I also enjoyed working with my team and building good relationships with them. As a very extroverted and curious student, I’ve enjoyed observing how my mentors handled different situations at work and their varied approaches. I feel this internship was a good learning experience for me.  I hope others looking for internships will have the similar hands-on opportunity to work with Sustrana.”

Ruchi Shah
University of Pennsylvania
Masters in Environmental Studies


“Interning with Sustrana was such a rewarding experience that helped me move one step closer to understanding the environmental field. While gaining a better perspective of my future endeavors, I also had the opportunity to work with a group of outstanding individuals.”

Devika Banerjee
University of Delaware, Class of 2014
Environmental Studies


"One of the founding principles of Sustrana is that business and sustainability practices are inexorability linked; this alignment between economics and the environment has been core to my studies. I appreciate the opportunity to have been part of the Sustrana team.”

Claire Perry
Haverford College, Class of 2014
Economics and Environmental Studies


I worked on meaningful tasks that created tangible change. 

"At Sustrana, interns hit the ground running. All employees are treated as equals. Within the first week, I was sitting in on and contributing to group meetings. My opinion was valued. Most importantly, I worked on meaningful tasks that created tangible change. Nancy and Jen genuinely care about the work their interns produce, providing just the right balance of direction and space for independent thought. Through my internship I not only learned about environmental policy and consulting, but I also learned about myself and my potential. I would highly recommend Sustrana to anyone who wants purposeful and interesting work."

Naomi Pohl
University of Pennsylvania


Education was at the core of my internship experience

"Education was at the core of my internship experience at Sustrana, and I took away a deeper understanding of start-up fundamentals, sustainability in the real world, and teamwork in a business environment. Its collaborative environment allowed me to learn from co-interns in tech, design, marketing, and product development areas, as well as business side topics with Nancy and Jennifer. The open intern-supervisor relationship ensured that our ideas and opinions were seriously considered. Most of all, I feel a part of the Sustrana family and am grateful for the friends and mentors I’ve made along the way. Now I’m off to Shanghai to intern and learn about the tech startup community in China, a goal that Jennifer and Nancy have been very supportive of through my intern experience. I’m grateful for all I’ve gained from my time at Sustrana and will use the lessons learned there, both personal and professional, for years to come.”

Derick Olson
University of Pennsylvania
Chinese and Computer Science


Decision-making positions where your insights matter

“As an MBA candidate looking to apply concepts from the classroom to a real work experience, interning at Sustrana was an opportunity to make a measurable impact on the organization from day 1.  Interns are not only put into decision-making positions where your insights matter, but you are also expected to to leave your mark on the company by the time your internship is complete!”

Andy Oakes
Fox School of Business, Temple University
Masters in Business Administration


Truly inspiring

"My time at Sustrana sparked a deep interest in pursuing a career in sustainability and it is an experience that I will always remember and draw from. The environment was extremely collaborative and I was able to express my thoughts and learn from others. Jennifer and Nancy were incredible, always eager to answer questions and motivate me. It was exciting to work in a fast-pace environment where I learned practical skills and saw the results of my efforts in real time. The work that Sustrana is doing is truly inspiring and being a part of the team was a wonderful experience."

Nate Cleveland
Middlebury College, Class of 2016
Mathematics and Economics


“Within my time at Sustrana, I learned valuable skills in time management, team orientated work delegation, technology in the work place, and sustainable business practices.  From the start, the Sustrana family made me feel like I belonged and I couldn't be more appreciative for their generosity and the experience I gained.”

Christopher Hamilton
University of Colorado, Class of 2013
Environmental Studies and Energy


“I learned so much during my internship at Sustrana! Nancy and Jennifer are great mentors and provided many great learning resources. One my favorite resources was the sustainability library, which I frequently used. My summer at Sustrana solidified my passion for sustainability and gave me a competitive edge in classes and job interviews.”

Dana Davis
Franklin & Marshall College, Class of 2013
Business and Environmental Studies


“As an intern with Sustrana during Summer 2013, I have enjoyed my time working on new logos and branding graphics, as well as revamping infographics.  I have enjoyed utilizing my graphic design skills to enhance an environmentally responsible, women-owned business.  Thanks to Jennifer and Nancy for giving me a chance!”

Joni Brennan
Cabrini College, Class of 2014
Graphic Design