How do you build a sustainability program affordably?

Sustrana online guides you step by step

Build a sustainability culture

People create a business culture. People build a culture around sustainability when they believe in it. Buy in for sustainability happens when you build a strong business case and execute on it.

An effective business case educates internal stakeholders about your organization’s sustainability impacts, risks, and opportunities.  It uses language they are familiar with, and links sustainability issues and projects to the business goals they care about.  It shows how sustainability has a positive effect on the financial bottom line and creates work with purpose. 

Sustrana will help you:

  • Identify whom you need buy in from and what you want them to do
  • Determine what is most likely to convince them to support your efforts
  • Build the most effective presentation to get what you want
  • Tailor your presentation to multiple audiences to get broader support    

Create some buzz. Successful sustainability teams get results while they plan

Organizational leaders have little patience for planning alone. They want to see results. Successful sustainability teams use "quick win" projects to get results while planning. 

Quick wins get you off the ground

Quick results are an effective way to get visibility, credibility, and leeway for the time strategic planning takes. Quick win projects have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Are low or no cost, or have a payback of less than 18 months
  • Don’t require significant upfront capital
  • Have a visible or measurable environmental or social impact
  • Create an opportunity for people to get involved
  • Address a key pressure point 

Solving for customer concerns

Put Your Best Foot Forward

When stakeholder information requests about sustainability come in, you typically have a matter of weeks to respond. Your first thought might be that you don't have a sustainability strategy, let alone one that's robust enough to generate a decent response.  Most likely you have more than you realize.

Sustrana provides you with the education and tools to help you put your best foot forward while being authentic and careful to avoid “greenwashing.”

What Your Stakeholders Want

Stakeholders don't want you to reflect badly on them or pass on unexpected costs, disruptions, or other business risks. They want to know you understand and manage your environmental, social, and economic risks. They want to know that you have policies, impact assessments, and goals for improvement. 

Whether you are responding to a Request For Proposals or supplier questionnaire, Sustrana guides you. Quickly identify where you are on the sustainability journey and how best to respond in 4 steps:

1. Inventory what you have done already

2. Understand the customer or investor perspective

3. Identify your impacts

4. Develop sustainability policies

Sustrana has extensive experience responding to all types of stakeholder information requests.  Our platform helps you navigate through and develop the best possible response; our experts are available if you need or want additional resources. 


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