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Spring Cleaning Your Home and Business… Sustainably

Driving into work one day last week it took a minute to decipher whether the unexpected flurries were cherry blossoms or snow. A look at the temperature gauge confirmed it was more of the white stuff. Despite snow showers in April, I’m excited for spring. For me the change in season conjures up images of tender, pastel flowers amidst dark, rich soil and the arrival of farmers markets. Spring also heralds the arrival of a more organized closet, a cleaner home, and a more sustainable household.
If you are feeling the urge to clean, green, and simplify at home this spring, why not do the same for your business? Read on for a list of our fellow B Corps who will help you get the job done at home and at work.


Let’s start with the basics. Talk about “spring cleaning” and most of us picture washing windows, mopping floors, and dusting endless picture frames. Here are some environmentally friendly B Corp products to green the work.

  • Dapple – natural, toxin-free cleaning products for homes with kids.
  • Method – pioneer of environmentally-conscious and design-driven home care, fabric care and personal care products.


Excited by the idea of growing your own veggies, but notorious for killing plants quicker than you can say Jack and the Beanstalk? Let these B Corps turn your black thumb into a green one.

  • Growers Secret – an organic plant growth enhancer. Products enabling plants to grow faster and larger while guarding against pests and disease.
  • Gardeners – a 100% employee-owned company serving millions of gardeners nationwide. Known for its award-winning gardening products.


Short on time and tired of staring at a garage full of stuff cluttering your life and your mind? Can’t stand looking at a closet full of clothes and shoes you no longer wear, but don’t have the heart to throw away? These B Corps can get you past those humps and motivate your to simplify and de-clutter!

  • Freecycle – a grassroots, nonprofit movement of people giving (and getting) stuff for free. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills.
  • Soles4Soules – committed to fighting poverty through the collection of shoes and clothing.


Ready for the next project? Now that you are doing sustainability at home, why not do the same thing for your business?

  • Sustrana – a woman owned, certified B Corp whose goal is to help 1,000 companies transition to more sustainable business by 2020. With online tools that educate, assess risks, identify important projects and more, your company will be on the path to sustainability before you know it.

Can’t wait to learn more? Click here to sign up for a demo.


House sparkling? Check. Raised garden beds planted and fertilized? Check. Clutter recycled, re-purposed or donated? Check. Company on the path towards increased brand awareness and operational efficiency? Check.

With a to-do list so dramatically reduced, you’ve earned some down time. So relax, treat yourself to something beautiful, and sustain your mind and body with these best in class B Corp products.

  • Pyrrha – meaningful jewelry that’s rich in symbolism and crafted from reclaimed precious metals.
  • Erbaviva – organic and eco-friendly skincare products for mothers and children.
  • Bison Brewing Company – an artisanal company producing high quality and innovative beers.

Happy Cleaning and Relaxing!