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Nine Steps to Using Company Social Media for Sustainability

Communicating your company’s successful sustainability efforts is rewarding to those working hard to make you a more sustainable business. It also shows your competitors and customers that your business is on the right track towards long-term profitability.

Did you install lighting sensors? Are your employees carpooling to work? Have you eliminated the need for bottled water by installing a water filtration system? These quick win projects will protect the environment while benefiting the health of your employees and your bottom line. Celebrate and share these successes!

Three-quarters of customers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions (with eight in 10 also influenced by their friends’ posts). It’s imperative that your company showcases the positive impacts it is making. When it comes to social media, your “followers” are there for a reason. They’re already interested in what your company and its employees are doing. So give them some more! Your social media posts should include information on your efforts to address social, environmental, and financial sustainability.

Here are nine quick tips on maximizing your exposure on social media:


  • Start a company page. Ask your employees to “like” it and to invite their friends. Use this as a space to tell the world how you’re becoming more sustainable.
  • Compose thought-worthy posts about your actions to share on your page. These will help you gain likes and comments. The more interaction there is with your page, the more it will be seen.
  • Share photographs of your employees in action recycling, carpooling, or using the new water filtration system. Your staff will be proud that you are highlighting their efforts.


  • Begin a company page and encourage your employees to link their profiles to it. Ensure the description mentions your company’s stance on sustainability.
  • Share company sustainability highlights periodically. You can also build a “Showcases” page to share different facets of your company. Could your efforts be a standalone Showcase page about how you are becoming more and more sustainable?
  • Utilize existing LinkedIn groups to post questions and to share your own sustainability program with others.


  • Create a memorable handle and use common Twitter hashtags that will solicit the traffic you’d like to attract. For example: #EmployeeEngagement or #SharingEconomy. You can find a list of common hashtags for all things green here.
  • Follow sustainability leaders and learn from them. Then share new tips with your organization.
  • Celebrate your sustainability successes by putting them into catchy 140 character statements that others would want to retweet and share again.

There are many ways to let the world know what you’re doing for your organization’s sustainability. Why not include social media today? Every second, two new members join LinkedIn. Just imagine how many potential customers are out there. So put your best (most sustainable) foot forward!