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Keeping Momentum: How to Ensure an Evergreen Green Team

Innovative contributions from your employees can push your business in an increasingly profitable and successful direction. We previously wrote about how disrupting business models and encouraging worker innovation are great ways to keep employees engaged in company sustainability efforts. But how else can you create an enduring green team and ensure that employees maintain their best practices?

A recent Gallup poll showed that 70% of American workers are “not engaged” or worse yet, are “actively disengaged” from their workplace. Either makes them less likely to be productive. Meanwhile, a PwC report shows that disengaged employees cost companies billions of dollars, partially as a result of high turnover. However, with these 3 C’s, employees might just become increasingly passionate about their work and about sustainability.

  1. Connection. Connect the interests of your employees with the overall community’s needs. You can do this by creating a program with everlasting prominence. Take this example from Campbell’s Soup Company, where employees collaborated to bring unsold food to a local food bank.
  2. Consistency. Align your employee engagement programs with the overarching goals and mission of the company. It makes them feel more a part of the team, with everyone contributing to rowing in the same direction.
  3. Continual Improvement. The implemented efforts should show constant progress, as well as increasing impact for the company and the community. Success breeds engagement. Be sure to recognize it, even for small wins.

The win-win takes place when your employees feel valued. Valued employees want to be stronger team members and workplace advocates. By following the three C’s above, you can bet that your employees will be more satisfied with their roles and feel a real sense of responsibility to follow a path towards business sustainability.

At Sustrana, no matter which way you slice it, it all comes down to people. For a deeper dive into making positive changes happen within your workforce, click here to download Sustrana’s white paper how sustainability can spur employee engagement!