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Five Best Practices for Building Your Green Team

How can you successfully drive your employees to be enthusiastic about developing, joining, and sticking to a “green team” plan? We previously shared four great tips for employee engagement, and explained the transformative journey of bringing employees from pre-compliance to passion-driven team members.

Now, we challenge you to take a step back and think about how you could involve your colleagues in a proactive and meaningful way. Here are our top five tips for developing your own green team.

  1. Gain buy-in from your supervisor and the managers of your prospective green team members. It is inevitable that green team members will spend some company time absent from usual daily tasks while they are involved in your new program. It is key to success to have the understanding and support of all the supervisors of all involved.
  2. Develop a routine schedule of green team meetings, and ask all members to block this time on their calendars. Maybe it’s a bi-weekly lunch hour, or a once-monthly morning meeting. In any case, this designated time slot should be regularly standing and consistent to guarantee the longevity of the team.
  3. Make each team member feel valued and needed. Ideally, each person will have a role to fill and therefore will be more likely to remain actively involved. While one person may be the designated note taker, there will likely be a few separate research or outreach tasks after each meeting. Assign these to varying individuals to ensure that all members feel a sense of responsibility to the greater green team and organization.
  4. Develop group goals to complete sustainability projects. Maybe your green team wants to develop a company-wide carpooling system, begin a specialized recycling program, or program all copiers to only print double-sided. Set realistic due dates and be sure all members know the part they can play in reaching these objectives.
  5. Evaluate, revise, and regroup! Maybe your first project or two didn’t get much traction or fizzled out after a short time. Find ways to keep momentum going amongst the green team leaders and discover an opportune time to pick up the reins again to tackle a new sustainability project.

For a deeper dive into employee engagement, check out our white paperUsing Sustainability Initiatives to Spur Employee Engagement. You’ll learn how to involve employees in impactful work, give your business a competitive edge, and improve productivity to ultimately drive profits. For further help on how to get buy in for your projects, check out the Sustrana platform!