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Benefits in Employee Engagement in Sustainability Initiatives

The successful implementation of sustainability initiatives can improve employee engagement substantially. This is a finding in a new report from research firm Bain & Company.

More than ever, companies are recognizing the advantages of strategic sustainability, such as lower operating costs, stronger brands, and a more sustainable supply chain.  These same companies are also realizing that higher levels of employee engagement resulting from sustainability projects translate into business benefits.

As noted in the study, “The Big Green Talent Machine: How Sustainability Can Help Hone Your Talent Agenda,” the value add from employee engagement in sustainability initiatives includes increased employee productivity, better customer service, higher employee retention rates, and improved workforce creativity and commitment to company goals.  Companies also reported a recruiting advantage because candidates are increasingly placing a greater emphasis on a company’s sustainability commitment as a compelling factor for joining a firm.

According to the study, these results are achieved primarily when companies:

  • challenge employees to embed sustainability into core operations and at every stage of the business;
  • hold employees accountable for sustainable practices in their jobs, and link sustainability performance to compensation; and
  • give employees the tools and training needed to make further improvements.

To learn more about benefits realized by companies such as Intel, Unilever, and Marks & Spencer, from successfully engaging employees in sustainability, click on the link below for a complete copy of the report.