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2015 Green Rankings are out!

On June 5th, Newsweek released its 2015 Green Rankings of business environmental performance.  Companies in the health care sector swept the top three rankings in the world with two U.S. corporations in the top three rankings. Biogen Inc., a biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, took the number one spot and Allergan, Inc, a pharmaceuticals company with operational headquarters in New Jersey and corporate headquarters in Ireland, took the number three spot.

Allergan, Inc. fell from number two in 2014 to number three in 2015 and Adobe Systems, a software company based in San Jose, California, fell from number three in the world in 2014 to number 5 in 2015.

The most noteworthy drop in ranking this year was the media company Vivendi S.A, which was the number one “World’s Greenest Company” in 2014 and dropped to number fifty-seven in the 2015 rankings.

The Newsweek Green Rankings rank the worlds largest publicly traded companies using eight indicators to assess overall environmental performance. The most heavily weighted indicator is “Green Revenue Score” at 20%, which breaks down the companies’ revenue into different parts to determine the percentage of revenue that is from products and services that contribute positively to environmental sustainability and societal health.

Other indicators, which are weighted 15%, include combined energy, greenhouse gas, water, and waste productivity. If a company fails to disclose any of its indicators, it receives a score of “0”, which drags down the overall performance score and ranking. As there is a time-lag when collecting environmental data, the 2015 rankings use performance year data from 2013.