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2.5 Billion Aspirational Consumers Mark Shift in Sustainable Consumption

The new study, The 2013 Aspirational Consumer Index, has confirmed a major trend in conscious consumerism. The study – conducted by BBMG, GlobeScan and SustainAbility – determines that “Aspirational Consumers” make up approximately one third of global consumers. What is an “aspirational consumer”? According to Eric Whan, Sustainability Director at GlobeScan, “Aspirationals are materialists who define themselves in part through brands, and yet, they believe they have a responsibility to purchase products that are good for the environment and society.” This group is more than just an indicator of the number of sustainability minded shoppers. In fact, it doesn’t even encompass all conscious consumers (for example, highly dedicated “Advocates” represent another 16.8 % of the consumer market). The significance of the Aspirationals group lies in the apparent shift in the image of sustainability in the eyes of consumers. According to Raphael Bemporad, co-founder and chief strategy officer at BBMG, the estimated 2.5 billion Aspirational Consumers represent significant opportunities for businesses to harness sustainable design and inspire the next generation because the “right thing to do” is becoming the “cool thing to do.”

Read about it at: http://bit.ly/1a63FU6

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