The 6 Question Challenge

How'd you do?

Interpret Your Score: 

21-30:  Congratulations! Your organization understands and plans for a rapidly changing world by considering social, environmental and governance factors in business planning. This leadership will help you to remain competitive, relevant, and solvent. Use the results of your assessment to identify areas where you can work to further optimize your system to ensure that you are capturing the most value from your efforts.

11-20:  You are on your way! Your organization is making solid progress toward becoming more sustainable. We suggest focusing on improving one or two of the six steps of your sustainability management system over the next year.  As you work to systematize and optimize your processes, your program will transform from tactical and siloed to more strategic and institutionalized.  Soon, your program will go from being run of the mill to a breakaway success that gets noticed.

0-10:  The path to becoming more sustainable is a journey.  And, like any journey, it starts with taking a few small, intentional steps.  Review your responses to this assessment to circle one or two areas where you think you can get more traction and engagement from your team and/or leadership.  Focus on those areas to build momentum over the next year.  Then, retake your assessment to see where to go from there. 


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