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Stakeholder Mapping: Getting People On Board, Keeping Them Engaged

Stakeholder Mapping: Getting People On Board, Keeping Them Engaged

The ability to get work done and be successful in implementing sustainability programs is highly dependent on others’ willingness to learn, allocate resources, and take action. What is required to foster the necessary level of engagement? This webinar will explore best practices for convincing key stakeholders that it is worthwhile to dedicate time and resources to a sustainability strategy or project. The insights shared will help participants identify the right people to engage and make an effective case for why they should get involved. The best practices explained by Sustrana extend beyond sustainability and will help participants in getting organizational buy-in for any initiative in any organization. Watch this webinar if you're interested in: stakeholder engagement, green teams.

Presenters: Jennifer Anderson, COO and Co-Founder, Sustrana and Kim Quick, Senior Associate Product Development and Consulting, Sustrana.

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This workshop is part of EDF Climate Corps' EDFCC's 3E Webinar Series, a 9 week series focused on "Energy-Efficiency-Expertise" featuring thought leaders in the energy management sector in support of Climate Corps' 2017 fellowships.

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SB 2017: Sustainable Brands Detroit

Structuring and Executing Future-proof Fossil-free 401k Plans for Employees of All Generations

SB2017: Detroit- Redefining the Good Life

Educating and engaging employees on sustainability solutions is essential for any company’s success. Rating the sustainability of a company’s 401(k) plan is a new tool to boost employee engagement, spread sustainability understanding, and spur staff to save more for a better future. Higher impact portfolios — which can reduce future risk and enhance future return — are possible when employees see the true impact performance of the holdings inside their 401(k) fund choices. Learn directly from high-growth companies on how you can educate, empower and engage your employees in their 401(k), and how to align the 401(k) choices in question with a company’s mission and sustainability goals.

Jennifer Anderson

Paul Herman
CEO & Founder
HIP Investor Ratings + Portfolios

Matt Macko
Founder & Tenant Representation

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9th Annual Mid-Atlantic Energy Technology & Sustainability Forum

Presented by Pepper Hamilton LLP and the Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic, this event will feature Congressman Ryan Costello, House Energy & Commerce Committee Member, along with experts and thought leaders who will share their perspectives on trends in venture and corporate investment in energy technologies and sustainability.  It will also showcase leading-edge Mid-Atlantic energy and sustainability companies. Plan to join your industry colleagues for in-depth discussions about the future of the energy and sustainability industries, the impact of technology on industry growth, and the investment climate at this much-anticipated event.

Presenting Companies

Sustrana: A software solution to create value by assessing and managing sustainability issues
Compact Membrane Systems: Chemical separations solution
OxiCool: Cooling without consequences
Powerhouse Dynamics: loT technology to manage assets, operations and energy
RePipe4710: Trenchless water main replacement solution

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Planning for Perpetuity:  Embedding Sustainability
International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association
Nashville, Tennessee

Among cemeteries and funeral homes in the US today, sustainability practices are most often represented by individual efforts such as green burial, alkaline hydrolysis, and sourcing of sustainable caskets and urns. This session will engage attendees in a case study of the development of a comprehensive, strategic and long-term sustainability plan for Laurel Hill Group. The organization’s plan development process covered all aspects of Laurel Hill’s operations, service delivery, and communications. The session will cover the process the organization embarked upon to arrive at strategic priorities and then to turn those priorities into measurable projects in a plan to create long term value. Projects discussed will include Energy & Waste, Land Conservation, Employee Wellness & Engagement, Customer Experience & Safety and Communication.

Jennifer Anderson  

C. David Jr.  
Laurel Hill Group

G. Merendino
Merendino Cemetery Care

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Net Impact 2016

Career Paths Across Sustainability and CSR Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer Anderson, Presenter

In this networking salon, speakers with distinct roles across CSR and sustainability will lead round table discussions about their career paths and current roles. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about their role and impact, and build connections for the future.

Squad Goals: The Good, Bad, and Realistic of Building Sustainability Teams

Jennifer Anderson, Presenter Kim Quick, Presenter

Your organization’s sustainability strategy is only as good as the team that develops it. What does an effective team look like, and how do you go about building one? This interactive workshop will dive into the theory and practice of building sustainability teams, with a focus on how a diverse, cross-functional team can build a culture of sustainability within an organization. In this interactive workshop, you will learn the theory behind what makes a successful team, and then in a group, you’ll build your ideal team, complete with individuals and/or roles to recruit, as well as ideas for how to get them on board and keep them engaged. You will walk away ready to overcome common challenges inherent in bringing—and keeping—teams together and be inspired to start or improve a sustainability team at your company. Geared Towards Professionals

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ABA Business Section Fall Meeting

Should Materiality be the Primary Focus for Board and Regulatory Oversight? Washington, DC

Nancy Cleveland, Presenter

Sustainability is a broad, multidimensional topic for Boards and Regulators. It encompasses today’s business operations and tomorrow’s strategy (opportunity and risk). By focusing on impacts, risks and opportunities, Boards and Regulators will be able to satisfy required disclosures, consider voluntary reporting, and address economic and social concerns as well as governance. For Boards and Regulators, discerning what is material today is challenging enough; sustainability adds a longer term view to the mix. Is “materiality” enough of a sustainable focus for effective Board and Regulatory oversight?

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Tri-State Sustainability Symposium

Building Sustainability: Nancy Clevelend, Presenter Delaware Valley Green Building Council Temple University

This session will highlight how LEED has evolved since its inception twenty years ago from the perspective of its creators, LEED accredited professionals and end users. Panelists will explore the LEED trends in the tri-state region, the new LEED V4 and the innovative Dynamic Plaque. Attendees will learn how to connect with resources for LEED education, how to streamline the certification process and understand who is setting trends in the region.

2:30 pm14:30

American Bar Association, Business Law Section, Fall 2014

he Sustainability Disclosure Debate: The Future of Reporting,Transparency, and Multiple Forms of Capital Washington, DC

Nancy Cleveland, Presenter

Sustainability is a megatrend. Companies face many global, national and local challenges to incorporating sustainability practices into management and operations. The list of issues related to social, environmental, and economic capital is long. This program will take a deep dive into the range of sustainability issues, how publicly traded companies are managing sustainability reporting and disclosure, and the legal implications of this fast-evolving area. Panelists will explore existing and emerging national and global sustainability reporting and disclosure standards, such as the GRI Reporting Framework and SASB's new disclosure standards, and engage in a lively debate about the future of sustainability disclosure, whether mandatory or voluntary.

3:30 pm15:30

American Bar Association, Business Law Section, Fall 2013

Governance Meets Sustainability: Sustainability & The Business Community

Nancy Cleveland, Presenter

Boards of Directors are being called upon to address sustainability. Are they and their advisors up to the task? In this CLE, speakers will provide an overview of today's sustainability landscape and its convergence with corporate governance. We'll discuss the key corporate sustainability drivers and the role the Board of Directors have in governance and oversight of sustainability.